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Inspired by indigenous culture Makunaybah drops new video of "Break The Chains"

This brutal single, with fast lines and grooved riffs brings the essence of Brazilian culture

In order to purge the demons, bringing to light all the revolt that surround us, exposing the naked truth, the band Makunaybah appears. Founded in November 2021, in Curitiba/Brazil, the band brings an aggressive sound that flows from Groove/Thrash, with hints of modern Metal, influenced by the culture and history of our people, the Brazilian roots.

How could it be otherwise, Makunaybah releases its first lyric video inspired by Brazilian indigenous culture, the single Break The Chains, brings this strong and very explicit theme, always supporting and respecting the origins of our people.

Makunaybah was one of the indigenous peoples that most bravely reacted against European colonization in Brazil, and Aiba, also, an indigenous word that means bad, bad thing, that is, it translates a lot of the themes that will be addressed in our songs. With the first single ready and about to be released, this quartet from Paraná, comes with a lot of revolt and brutality, this is Makunaybah.

This brutal single, with fast lines and grooved riffs, inspired by Brazilian metal, brings the essence of Brazilian culture. With an art inspired by indigenous warriors, who resisted and died fighting Portuguese colonization, defending their lands and traditions, this single has roots, revolt and resistance. The new single is available on all streaming platforms by the Latin American label Electric Funeral Records.

"Breack the chains":


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