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Insanidade releases “Dogs Of The Subway”, new album brings a powerful mix of rock and action punk

“Dogs Of The Subway” is Insanidade's fourth album and third studio album. The album has nine tracks and was produced by bassist and producer Gustavo Vázquez at the RockLab studio in Anápolis/Go.

“Dogs Of The Subway” brings virtually all band influences, sounds ranging from traditional Rock n Roll, Punk, Trash Metal, Stoner/Doom, Hard Rock. Despite the band mixing almost all of their influences, it is an album based on Rock n Roll drinking at the source of The Stooges, MC5 and The Hellacopters.

There are 9 tracks that are all pure rock music. The cover of the album was once again in charge of Victor Jam (Bicicleta sem Brake) he who already made the cover of the first album of the band “Hello Suckers” and the album “Ao Vivo”.


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