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Influenced by ‘70s hard rock and heavy metal ExecutiveRock release new single ‘Heaven Can Wait

ExecutiveRock was founded in 2018 by the lead/rhythm guitarist Elton Marques. With influences that range from Hard Rock, Classic Rock and Heavy Metal, ExecutiveRock delivers strong, gritty and vibrant Rock n Roll for all and everyone!

In 2021 the band recorded their first two (instrumental) singles ‘Wall Street’ and “Heaven’ which have received wide critical acclaim. After a hiatus of 2 years due to the pandemic, the band released two singles ‘Cost of Living’ and ‘Fahrenheit’ which exploit complex and delicate themes caused by the ongoing energy crisis and global warming concerns.

In Q2 2023 the band released ‘Death Toll’ and ‘Voodoo Dreams’, an enthralling and overwhelming combination of powerful guitar riffs, electrifying vocals and killer drum swings.

The band has just released their new single ‘Heaven Can Wait’, a true headbanging anthem, and is already in studio working on an EP highly influenced by ‘70s hard rock and heavy metal. Watch the space!


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