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Industrial punk newcomer GLDN drops new single and music video of

GLDN is set to release their debut EP, First Blood, the record promises to be both abrasive and palatable, powerful and sublime

Industrial punk newcomer GLDN has unleashed another taste of their upcoming EP, First Blood, with new single “Parasite”. The video conjures nightmarish visions as if pulled straight from The Ring.

Mastermind Nicholas Golden comments: “This video, like much of the album itself, represents metamorphosis through pain. As humans, we inevitably experience traumatic events at some point in our lifetime, and more often than not, those events are completely out of our control. The aftermath of that kind of thing can often seem like an insurmountable obstacle, and many lose themselves to it. However, if harnessed correctly, that kind of pain can be an incredible, transformative tool. You might not be the same person when you emerge on the other side, but you will be infinitely more capable of controlling the way that things affect you, both emotionally and mentally.”

Daring and transgressive, GLDN cannot be contained, nor put into a single musical category – with elements of industrial, metal, and crust punk with passionate vocals.

GLDN, the band with the cunningly deceptive name, was founded in 2017 in Brooklyn, New York, by mastermind Nicholas Golden. For two years, Golden expanded on his experience as a performer, perfecting his art. In 2019, he began to search for live members to bring his music to the stage.

A litany of influences fuel GLDN including not only bands like NINE INCH NAILS, KORN, EVANESCENCE, DEFTONES, ROB ZOMBIE, PANTERA, HOLE, and PUSCIFER, but also films such as the dark and legendary, Suspiria.

Now GLDN is set to release their debut EP, First Blood. Recorded at various studios throughout Brooklyn, NY, First Blood promises to be both abrasive and palatable, powerful and sublime.

On the project, Golden comments: “Art should cause people to question themselves, their beliefs, and their actions. It should be a way to turn a mirror to each listener or even society as a whole and force them to really take a good hard look at themselves.”

Take what you will from First Blood. The underlying aggression, the darkness in its purest form, or the philosophical nod toward destroying your boundaries and spiritual growth.


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