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Ignited release second studio album 'Cradle Of The Wicked'

In early 2017, Ignited embarked on a project to produce straightforward, energetic heavy metal music. The initial focus was on crafting the first songs, which eventually evolved into the pre-production phase for the debut album. Steelbound was recorded in August 2019 in São Paulo, Brazil, under the production of Thiago Bianchi (Noturnall/ex-Shaman). The artwork was designed by Gustavo Sazes (known for works with Arch Enemy, British Lion, and Machine Head).

The album debuted digitally on November 1st and was performed live during the band's inaugural concert, opening for Noturnall in Porto Alegre, Brazil (at Bar Opinião), featuring guest artist Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater). Another performance took place in February the following year, just before the onset of the pandemic. Subsequently, the album became available on digital platforms, accompanied by a video clip for the song 'Ignition' and a lyric video for 'Times' in the same year. In 2020, a distribution deal was secured for a physical CD release through Voice Music Records, with the band and PR agencies managing the promotion.

Throughout 2021, the band released another music video for the song 'Living In The Dark,' supported by a promotional campaign. In April 2022, the live album was released after the acoustic version, coinciding with the introduction of Martin Bellucci as their new bass player.

During the first semester of 2022, the band collaborated on the pre-production of their second album. In August, they landed in Gothenburg, Sweden, to record at Studio Fredman under the guidance of Fredrik Nordström (known for his work with Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, and Dream Evil), offering top-notch Swedish production quality.

Additionally, a new music video was produced by Bravo & Bravo Films (associated with Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra, and H.E.A.T), while Gustavo Sazes again handled the album's artwork and design.

The band's second album, 'Cradle Of The Wicked,' was digitally released on October 27th, along with accompanying music videos for the title track. Additionally, an A.I-generated video was unveiled for the song 'At The Damned's Hall,' and a studio footage compilation was presented for the song 'Uncontrollable.' Both tracks are featured on the new album.


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