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Icelandic Artist MYRMANN release new album "Seven forbidden books of spells"

New solo album by the Icelandic Artist MYRMANN. The idea evolves around Seven ancient dark books, that all exist in reality. Summoning demons, witchcraft, dark alchemy, spirits, ceremonial magic, purity, spells etc.! This work is somewhat a concept album, written as a book almost, beginning, middle and end.

Musically My goal is always to make something real, something that comes from my feelings and vision. I don’t want to categorize it to much. To me it is just narrative heavy music. My background in music is a mixture of many styles, mostly blues, hard rock, Heavy metal and metal. I choose to have the vocals a bit evil sounding for this project. Sometimes they are a little buried in the mix, but that is my purpose, like the voices are an echo from the past.

“ I would not call myself an eithiest really, I consider myself more of an pagan. I believe in the spirit world, perhaps on my own terms, but I indeed despite all hiearchy and power above others. Hiding behind religion and using symbolism as a tool for only human ego, rather than using it for some greater good, like asking questions and trying to find answers is just wrong to me! I am a storyteller and I really enjoyed to see this album come alive, yet knowing a lot of people will not like my controversy or my spiritual alchemy thinking. They can just nail me to a cross made out of glass, if the feel like it”


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