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Honey Trap release new single and music video "Saints And Sinners"

Honey Trap’s new single “Saints & Sinners” is a moody, thrashing anthem you’ll be playing for a long time in your music player. Kicking off with a bluesy riff from Bouras under Rendon’s sultry vocals, the song gradually builds to a glorious head- banger.

Written during covid, Rendon’s lyrics reflect on the great equalizing effect the pandemic had, affecting saints and sinners all. Oscillating from gentleness to rage, the track reflects the inner journey we all experience in uncertain times—and gives us a soundtrack to ecstatically thrash those emotions out.

The video directed by Tom Flynn took this song to another level. Flynn, a veteran director in both the hard rock and horror genres (like Saw), worked with the band to create a chilling atmosphere surrounding a masqueraded, occult wedding in a New York cathedral.

About Honey Trap

Sometimes a single voice is all it takes to change the world. For guitarist Vasilios Bouras, the voice that changed his world happened to be coming from the inimitable powerhouse pipes of Honey Trap’s lead singer Jessica Rendon. Living in Colorado at the time and looking for a more committed collaborator in crafting exquisite hard rock, Bouras heard Rendon and knew immediately he had to move to New York City to join her.

Now, whirling inspiration like a centrifuge from Bouras’s guitar to Rendon’s vocals, from Cody Hager’s drums to Angel de Los Santos bass, the group manages to distill the best in their talents to create accessible and ever- surprising, toe curling offerings, while working with top shelf, world class legends in the music business. For example Grammy-winner Steve Albini—yep, the dude that produced Nirvana’s In Utero—produced their first EP Four Play, and now they’re boasting collaborations with industry veteran Dave Schiffman, producer of the likes of Adele, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many more.

Like the trope from espionage that gives them their namesake, Honey Trap is here to seduce you into their realm of musical influence. And we won’t judge listeners if they willingly surrender to their sumptuous sonic vibrations.


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