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Helsinki-based metal band Glacerate released a double music video for the songs 'Binge' and 'Abyss'

Glacerate is a fresh Helsinki-based band playing fuzz-infused hypermetal. It may sound peculiar, but it best describes this band that combines desert rock, hardcore punk, and occasionally ridiculously heavy metal in an infectious pop framework.

Enormous guitar walls, heart-wrenching melodies, and trance-like drum beats provide the perfect foundation for vocalist Onni Holmström's versatile singing. The bleak, haunting, yet massive sound world of the instrumental section brings the whole package together in a way that is rarely heard.

"'Binge' deviates thematically from the other songs on the EP. Instead of dealing with heartbreak and love tragedies, the song addresses my own alcoholism and is written in the first person, as if confessing to the poison itself, as a form of absolution.

In the lyrics of the song, I also play with double meanings and metaphors more than in the other songs on the EP, which perhaps resembles my normal writing style more. 'Binge' is delightfully crazy as a song, and that's why the subject of the lyrics ended up being alcohol," says Onni Holmström.

The exceptional song was accompanied by an exceptional music video. 'Binge' is released as a double music video with the song 'Abyss,' which will be released separately later. The video premiere will take place on the band's YouTube channel at 6:00 PM Finnish time.

'Abyss' is a natural continuation of 'Binge,' both lyrically and musically, and the mid-tempo

transforms into such high speed that the listener better hold on tight! The video was shot and directed by the band's guitarist Arttu Hurme.

"I wanted to make a double music video for these two songs because they are a natural continuation of each other, especially lyrically. The music video was filmed on a cool summer day in an amusement park in Kanta-Häme. In the video, everyone appears alone, and even though we are in an amusement park, no one seems to be having much fun. I think the atmosphere can be compared to hangover anguish. But enough talking about it, go check out the video!" says Arttu Hurme.

Glacerate was formed in early 2022, but all the members have a long shared musical history. The band members have recorded together and separately in bands such as Assemble The Chariots, Mørket, Negatiiviset Nuoret, Watery, and Nylon Beast.

The band released their debut single, 'Used,' on May 26, 2023, and it gained significant attention in the media worldwide as their first release. The debut EP is ready, and there will be singles released throughout the summer. Currently, Glacerate is preparing at their rehearsal space for live performances in the fall.


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