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Helsinki-based band Glacerate, established in 2022, released their debut single "Used"

Glacerate describes their music as "fuzz-infused hypermetal," and the lineup consists of members from bands such as Negatiiviset Nuoret, Assemble The Chariots, and Mørket. The band promises to be a melting pot of genres, combining desert rock, hardcore punk, and catchy pop melodies with heavy metal intensity.

'Used' is part of an upcoming six-song EP titled 'Hyper', set to be released in the fall. It showcases the band's more pop-oriented production.

Lead singer Onni Holmström is responsible for the lyrics of both the upcoming single and the entire EP. He describes the process of writing lyrics as follows:

"Despite being involved in various band projects as a vocalist (and lyricist) for most of my life, I've never really written songs about my personal life. I'm an ambitious songwriter and I always aim to surpass both myself and the boundaries set by the world when it comes to what is possible and 'reasonable' within the framework of lyrics. I've felt that traditional pouring-out-your-heart texts have been done before.

Then I looked in the mirror and realized that the person staring back at me is just an ordinary individual with typical problems, pressures, sorrows, and worries. If I don't want them to consume me, they need to find a way out. So, I took action and wrote lyrics on paper in a somewhat childishly diary-like manner, mainly adjusting the end rhymes to fit together.

The EP's lyrics primarily revolve around my experiences of tragic love and the pain of separation, my unhealthy relationship with alcohol, and the suffocating feeling that accompanies every move I make. In the song 'Used', I address the contradiction of knowing that two people must continue their paths in different directions, but it's so incredibly difficult to exist without the other, creating such an in-between state."

On the other hand, the composition and conceptualization of the entire EP are handled by the band's guitarist, Arttu Hurme, who comments on the songwriting process as follows:

"In the spring of 2022, I started toying with the idea of creating songs driven by the sonic landscape. I experimented with all sorts of quirky gadgets between the guitar and the amplifier until something fell into place. I began to explore different riffs and melodies with a buzzing fuzz sound and a big reverberation, and this started to take shape as the faint outlines of Glacerate's music. 'Used' is a song that occasionally combines elements of black metal with a blast beat feel, light and catchy pop sweetness, and a massive arena chorus that will undoubtedly leave no one indifferent to Onni's vocals. Despite the odd building blocks, the song feels, at least in my opinion, very cohesive and serves as a great taste of what's to come."


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