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HELLRAZOR is back with the new album "Hanging On By A Thread"

What do you get when you add a table spoon of Judas Priest, half an oz of Def Leppard, a dash of Scorpions and a sprinkle of WASP into a blender? HELLRAZOR. With diving bass, heavy guitars, tight hard-hitting drums, flashy guitar solos, lots of hooks with catchy choruses and melodic four-part harmony vocals, HELLRAZOR delivers the classic old-school era of heavy metal.

HELLRAZOR is back releasing the bands third release "Hanging On By A Thread". All songs written and recorded by lone member Kasey Haze and mixed and mastered by Virag Zsolt. The album is on all major platforms and the momentum is growing. Singles "Your Love Is So Bad", "The Boy You Once Knew" and title track "Hanging On By A Thread" are receiving regular rotation on college and university radio stations as well as online radio channels worldwide.


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