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Heavy Metal-Metalcore musician Maximilian Wentz release debut EP "Memories 1: The Storm"

Heavy Metal-Metalcore musician Maximilian Wentz is excited to announce the release of his debut EP, Memories 1: The Storm on July 14, 2023. This highly anticipated project showcases a shift towards a heavier, more metal-oriented sound, marking a departure from his previous work. With a focus on self-reflection and personal experiences, this EP represents the culmination of years of growth and development as an artist.

Recorded at On the Fringe Studios in West Newbury, MA, the same studio where Maximilian recorded his debut album, MARE, the new EP was expertly crafted in collaboration with a dedicated engineering team. The decision to return to this studio was based on their unparalleled expertise in the genre and the successful collaboration that occurred during the creation of the prior album and singles.

In my latest EP, titled "Memories," I embark on the most intense musical journey of my career. This release showcases my most personal and arguably heaviest material to date. The lyrics emotionally capture a sense of impending collapse, as if the very structure is crumbling, and the weight of the waves crashing against my bones can be felt.~Maximilian Wentz.

Drawing from his extensive experience of writing, recording, and producing 18 previously released songs, Maximilian Wentz seamlessly incorporates the lessons learned from the past into this new EP project. By carefully considering feedback and responses from prior releases, the EP presents a cohesive and genre-specific sound that ensures a solid fit within metalcore.

Memories 1: The Storm serves as Part 1 of a trilogy of EPs, with each song reflecting on different aspects of Maximilian's childhood and young adult years. The EP captures the essence of old-school metalcore from the period 1998-2005, showcasing Maximilian’s versatility as he skillfully handles multiple instruments, including guitar, drums, bass, piano, percussion, and vocals.


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