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Hard rock duo Durkmoose shares their latest release "Neurilemma"

Durkmoose is a hard rock duo based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, combining the brooding sounds of 90s grunge rock with an edge of contemporary metal the duo shares the latest release "Neurilemma".

Formed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a couple of years ago by T. Hooker and A. Pickett, in their first recordings they have left a deep mark due to the heaviness of the sound of their steps.

Between post-rock and post-metal, this pair of guys have composed pieces that are as titanic as they are cinematic, and they also build sequences that take us to the edge of an abyss near the end of the world. The entire work is instrumental, but it has the potential to transmit so many things to us, so many emotions... There is no better way than to enter the trance of this galvanic energy than with your eyes closed and your mind wide open to the possibilities. The rest, leave it to them.


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