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Gothic rock trio ANY MIRACLE releases debut single "Sweet Fire"

The song celebrates Gothic Culture as a universal lifestyle. EP and first live gigs in spring 2024

The members of the darkwave trio ANY MIRACLE from the Mainz area, founded in 2022, are united by their love of gothic culture and post-punk. For their music they also draw from their own past, among other things as founding members of the 90s Gothic Rock formation Forthcoming Fire, three joint albums (incl. the scene hit "Feuer") as well as performances with bands like Ministry, Cassandra Complex, Love Like Blood, Das Ich or London After Midnight.

Now, for the first time, keyboardist Burn moves to the microphone as frontman and, as vocalist and lyricist, gives ANY MIRACLE songs a complete universe of English Romanticism in the tradition of Percy and Mary Shelley, Hollywood Classic Creature Horror, H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos and nightmare creatures from the Greek myths.

Their first single, "Sweet Fire," is out via the MobuRec label and can be streamed everywhere. There's a monster waiting for you in every ANY MIRACLE song.

"Gothic Culture has fans all over the world, its language is universal. Every society has its ghost stories, old and new. There is a renaissance of gothic horror right now in novels, TV series and cinema like we haven't seen before," says singer Burn. "Personally, I find the greatest freedom of expression in darkness. John Carpenter is right when he says, 'The Monsters are us.' There's a monster waiting for you in every one of our songs. The worst of all, though, is yourself."

In post-punk, experimentation and boundary crossing have always been explicitly encouraged. ANY MIRACLE explores goth and darkwave in a new way for themselves while drawing from their glory days of the 80s and 90s, which the three band members experienced firsthand.

ANY MIRACLE's first single, "Sweet Fire," deals with the romance of the three musicians' early band and touring experiences in the darkwave scene of the nineties: big dreams and sweet promises, the taste of success and the day-after hangover as the tour bus creeps across the landscape.

"Sweet Fire"


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