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Gold Frames Release Debut Single "Burning Bridges"

After weathering the storm of a pandemic-induced lockdown, emerging indie band Gold Frames has now arrived onto the scene with their explosive debut single, "Burning Bridges." The track showcases the band's unique blend of 80s-inspired melodies, shoegaze-infused textures, surrounded in scuzzy rock energy.

Originally a two-piece outfit, Gold Frames found themselves in the historic Abbey Road Studios, putting the finishing touches on their first round of recordings when the world came to a standstill due to the pandemic. As one of the last bands to experience an in-person session at the renowned studio as the facility immediately closed, their creative process was abruptly halted. However, this setback led to the band's evolution, further songwriting and transformation into a full-fledged quartet.

Following the easing of restrictions and the band's expansion, Gold Frames entered SS2 Recording Studio to bring their musical vision to life with producer Rees Broomfield of Youth Club. The timing was impeccable, as their newly recruited drummer had only been with the band for a mere two weeks when they broke the news of their studio plans. The drums, driven by his infectious energy, became an integral part of "Burning Bridges," amplifying the song's impact.

"Burning Bridges" is a sonic journey that hits listeners with a fierce wall of sound entwined in nostalgic soundscapes while maintaining a fresh, contemporary edge. With catchy melodies, atmospheric synths, and thick guitar riffs envelop the audience, inviting them into Gold Frames' musical universe. The track not only represents the band's debut but also serves as a testament to their resilience and determination to overcome the challenges of recovering emotionally, mentally and musically from the events of the pandemic.

Gold Frames is excited to connect with audiences worldwide through the release of "Burning Bridges." They invite listeners to join them on this new chapter of their musical journey, filled with emotion, introspection, and chaotic energy.


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