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German Progressive Rock musician Tom Spell release new single/video "Mensch und Endlichkeit"

Brute guitars, driving bass and energetic drums meet warm strings, thundering horns and thrilling choirs. When versatile German musician Tom Spell combines the sound of a rock band with orchestral instruments, he brings together two worlds that are so different at first glance and yet fit together perfectly, simply because they share the same limitless inherent passion. He creates the ideal stage for his melancholic lyrics and the sometimes pleasantly calm, sometimes passionately powerful singing.

The skillful combination of these elements creates his idiosyncratic progressive rock, which is characterized by depth, complexity and versatility. The whole life rages in a song. Opposites such as anger and love, sadness and energy, longing and fulfillment are musically united.

With the claim to make music that moves because it is inspired by moving moments, Tom Spell takes the listener on a musical journey into his unique world between fantasy and reality. Anyone who gets involved will be rewarded with thoughtful lyrics and emotionally charged music about thoughts and feelings, strength and weakness, dreams and longing, night and nature, desire and loss.

On June 15th, 2023, Tom Spell released his first single "Mensch und Endlichkeit" together with the music video via the label Tom Spell Music. The energetic and multifaceted progressive rock song deals with the transience of man and his unsparing certainty about it.

It confronts the listener with the question of whether the finitude of human life should ultimately be understood as mercy or suffering. Both lyrically and musically, the song delves into the grueling whirlpool of conflicting emotions that comes with grappling with the issue of life and death. At the end there is the realization that a permanent preoccupation with this probably unsolvable riddle must simply lead to despair, since the question cannot be answered.

With orchestral bombast, Tom Spell turns away from the question and the associated fixation on future and past in the final chorus and finds true glory there, where it awaits us all - in the here and now, the actual moment. Audio, video and info on


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