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German powerhouse trio Untamed release first full-length album

Untamed! With their self titled hard rock debut album, the full-power trio promises aggressive sounds and energetic rock ballads. Versatile, multifaceted and catchy. That is what makes Untamed so special. Lyrically, the 10 songs move between the "fun of life" and the "rock n' roll lifestyle". But the band also talks about more serious topics such as grief and love.

These are all personal matters of the guys, which they process on the album with a bit of joke, passionate emotions and honest feelings. Untamed wants to bring the most diverse people together and let them rock.

The panther on the album cover stands for the dangerous and aggressive sound, the album name, the color black, cunning elegance, as well as the origin of the 3 guys.

For the high-end production with their label „Hicktown-Records“, the band went into studio recordings for 3 weeks. It took a lot of time, hard work and sleepless nights in advance, to have a precisely conception and to set the first big milestone of Untamed. Through the production, the band hopes to become an international rock act.

Feel the spirit as UNTAMED channels the energy of grunge's golden days and the rebelliousness of nu metal. They deliver an explosive mix that's impossible to ignore, leaving listeners craving more.

Frontman Nigel's vocal versatility shines through, from soulful power ballads like "Can You Hear Me" to the rebellious anthem "Sex Tape" or the successful single "Take Me To Paradise", addressing people with drug problems. His expressive and convincing delivery takes listeners on a journey through love, rebellion, and everything in between.

UNTAMED prioritizes impact over flashy skills, crafting tunes that are not just catchy but emotionally charged and relatable. The trio's profound understanding of diverse influences results in tracks that stick in your mind, showcasing a true mastery of their craft.

"Take Me To Paradise":


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