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German metalcore band Spacewalker relase new single "Tantalos"

The metalcore band Spacewalker from Schweinfurt (GER) announced the release of their

latest single "Tantalos". The song marks a significant step in the band's creative journey and lays the foundation for their upcoming album, which the band is currently working on.

"Tantalos" is a powerful declaration of the band's preference to remain authentic and not

get lost in the artificial glamour of the scene. The band members emphasise their

preference for allowing real life to flow into their music, rather than staging themselves

larger than life and always using the same genre-typical themes and sounds. With the

return of their original singer and founding member Fabian, they are sending a clear signal

of their musical integrity and saying goodbye to the clean vocals that can still be heard on

their debut album "The Legacy".

The sound of Spacewalker stands out from the crowd primarily due to its opulent guitar

melodies, which are skilfully subordinated to the haunting vocals. Spacewalker

encourages the listener to listen to the song several times in order

Lyrically, "Tantalos" deals with the madness of wanting to preserve time - a reflection on

holding on and the impossibility of controlling the passage of time. Inspired by the

punishment of Tantalus, the protagonist in the song will find no relief.

About the band:

Spacewalker was founded in Schweinfurt in 2016. In addition to their debut album "The

Legacy" (2019), the four musicians have now released five singles. Due to several line-up

changes, Spacewalker has already faced several forced breaks over the years. Now the

band consists of the hard core, has defined and found its sound and is ready to rise from a

local insider tip to national stardom in 2024.


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