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German metal instrumental project BLACK7 releases new single and video "For this moment"

German metal instrumental project BLACK7 releases the 2nd single and the video of the

forthcoming album "The 2nd chapter".

"For this moment" stands for why I write songs and put in so much work and energy. I'm

always looking for ideas that grab me or touch me. I managed to do that with this song.”

explains Lars Totzke.

A catchy melody - dynamic, melodic and orchestral. As with the first single, the lead guitar

leads through the song. The full and powerfully produced sound of the power chords paired

with the symphonic sounds of violins is an experience. The solo is the highlight of the song so you never lose your attention and don't even realize how quickly the song is over. "For this moment" is clearly different from the first single and is still unmistakably Black 7's style.


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