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German based Dreamy Metal Band "Altered Rebirth" release New Single "We'll Never Sleep Again"

Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing musical odyssey as German-based Dreamy Metal outfit Altered Rebirth unveils their latest masterpiece, "We'll Never Sleep Again." With their distinctive blend of heavy music, cinematic ambiences, and soul-stirring vocals, Altered Rebirth promises to captivate audiences worldwide with their evocative storytelling and unparalleled musicianship.

Formed in 2023, Altered Rebirth has swiftly carved a niche for themselves in the Metal scene, forging a musical identity that defies conventions and pushes boundaries. Their debut EP, "Chapter I," delves into the depths of human experience, exploring themes of depression, sleep disorders, and the complexities of modern life. Through their emotive lyrics and intricate guitar work, Altered Rebirth invites listeners on a poignant journey through the intricacies of existence.

"We'll Never Sleep Again" serves as a testament to Altered Rebirth's innovative approach to music-making. The single weaves together elements of various Metal subgenres with dreamy synths, creating a melodic tapestry that is as captivating as it is immersive. With its emotional lyrics and dynamic instrumentation, "We'll Never Sleep Again" promises to resonate with listeners on a profound level.

Altered Rebirth's commitment to pushing the boundaries of Metal music has garnered them a dedicated following both locally and internationally. With their unique blend of heavy riffs, atmospheric textures, and haunting melodies, Altered Rebirth stands poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene.


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