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German band Gimbal.lock release new single “Tidings of comfort and joy”

Gimbal.lock is a music project, driven by a passion for producing self-composed, atmospheric rock songs that defy the conventions of mainstream. Based near Munich, Germany, gimbal.lock is a group of musicians who share a deep love for rock music and a commitment to creating original compositions that encompass the full spectrum of the genre.

One of the remarkable achievements of gimbal.lock is the release of their debut song, Fantasy, which has taken the airwaves by storm and captivated listeners worldwide. It reached over 60,000 streams on Spotify and received airplay on various radio stations across multiple countries.

"Tidings of Comfort and Joy” offers a fresh take on a traditional Christmas song, featuring an epic orchestra infused with a symphonic metal sound reminiscent of the renowned Nightwish band. The fusion of festive warmth and powerful melodies creates a unique listening experience that promises to transport audiences into a realm of magic and joy. A must-listen for those seeking a fresh perspective on holiday classics."


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