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French rock band Nouriture release new single "Escape"

Called forth from the ether in 2016 in Paris, Nouriture is a mindfuckrock band, a hybridised musical style born from the unholy communion of psych, prog, grunge and punk rock, all sprinkled with a healthy dose of absurd humour and a penchant for the theatrical. Each album recounts an epic tale of the search for food, interstellar travel, galactic raves and feisty banquets. However, It is on stage that our music truly blossoms into its final form. Each concert is thought of as a true performance; a mesh of tribal trance and vaudevillian basement orgy. Wild dances and frenetic pogos are followed by mouth watering break-downs, soaring passages all before a soft landing, supported by an immersive visual aesthetic, costumes, scenography and VJing.

"ESCAPE" : Escape is a high octane speed freak of a track, ripping through increasingly fast riffs until your ears ring and your feet bleed. As an excerpt from our new concept album, Barbara Vol: I, it stands as one of the funniest tracks to play for us, as well as one of the most technically challenging.


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