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French band Kollision Course release debut album "Ether's Closure"

Kollision Course is a rock group formed in 2019. Originally from the south of France, this dynamic trio met at the ATLA music school in Paris. The group's members include Louis Chantraine on drums who brings his experience in funk and jazz, Renaud Fumey on bass influenced by rock and punk, and Aristide Aussilloux on guitar and vocals, whose influences range from grunge to rap from a young age. With its unique blend of blues rock, psychedelic rap and 90s sounds Kollision Course offers a danceable and electrifying listening experience. The group is inspired by including legends like Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix and The Strokes.

In May 2023, they released their first album titled "Ether's Closure", which marked an important milestone in their artistic journey. Kollision Course also released their first EP titled "Left Behind", accompanied by a music video directed by Léo Mondon and streamed on YouTube in August 2021. This release allowed them to present their unique musical style and energy on stage to an online audience.

During this year, Kollision Course performed on several Parisian stages, including Supersonic in the Bastille, L'international in the 11th arrondissement, Comédia in Montreuil and The Café Olímpico in the 18th arrondissement. The group has generated increasing popularity thanks to their captivating performances and distinctive sound. Kollision Course represents the coming together of individual talents, creating a powerful and mesmerizing musical fusion. They continue to perform on stage and attract attention with their passion for music and their desire to share their universe with an ever-growing audience.


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