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Down With My Demons release new single "The Mass Awakening"

"The Mass Awakening, It's not just a song; it's a reflection of waking up to the chaos in our world. It's a call to take control, stand against the prevailing darkness, and carve our path amidst the madness. This single, my second creation overall, emerged last year, paving the way for what's to come." - says Micha van der Vorst.

Upcoming Projects:

Excitingly, there's another single on the horizon, expected around April, offering a glimpse into the evolving journey of Down With My Demons.

About Down With My Demons

Down With My Demons is more than just a music project; it's a passionate creation that took flight in 2021 by Micha van der Vorst, based in the Netherlands, and this endeavor is deeply rooted in his love for atmospheric vibes with a fusion of Doom, Death, and Symphonic Metal influences.


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