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Dope drops two singles from upcoming new album “Blood Money Part Zer0”

Industrial nü-metal act will be releasing their seventh studio album early next year

Industrial nü-metal act Dope will be releasing their seventh studio album “Blood Money Part Zer0” early next year. That follow-up to 2016’s “Blood Money, Part 1” will be released for free digitally on February 24th via the band’s official website

Vocalist Edsel Dope stated of the project:

“I am so grateful to the fans who have supported me and this band. I appreciate your patience and the trusting relationship that we have built together. I never halfass anything and believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right, so sometimes it takes longer than expected. I’ve come to learn that the time between releases only makes our connection stronger and the bond between this band and our fans is unbreakable. I truly love you all.”

Two singles have been launched from the record in advance, including “Believe” and “No Respect“. In the below video introduction to this album, Edsel also speaks of his time touring anonymously as ‘Zer0‘ in Drama Club and hints at his involvement in Static-X (Edsel has all but been confirmed as ‘Xer0—the live replacement for late Static-X vocalist/guitarist Wayne Static.)

Dope will be out in early 2023 as part of the ‘Rise Of The Machine Tour‘, which will find Static-X out headlining on the 20th anniversary of their gold-certified 2001 sophomore album, “Machine“. Fear Factory will also be a part of that bill with Mushroomhead and Twiztid booked to split the opening duties.


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