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Doomed heavy metal band Vannon drops a new demo with 3 tracks

Vannon is an Oakland, CA doomed heavy metal band featuring Max Hodes on guitar/vox, Nick Willbrand (Continuum) on bass/vox, and Nick Benigno (Earth Crawler) on drums. Their sound combines doom, prog, black and death metal with psych elements and is often billed as for fans of Mastodon, Yob, Khemmis, High on Fire and Enslaved.

Formed in 2020, the band released a split single that February before devoting the early pandemic days to recording a full-length that would see release in September 2021. The band began playing out in earnest in early 2022, touring the Pacific Northwest in June of that year, and recording newly written material for a demo drop in the fall, earning in the process a reputation as a live band it is dangerous to follow.


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