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Dirty Mitts announces new single 'You Better Run!' on june 2nd

You Better Run is a song inspired by the action and epic scale of the first few Marvel films (hence the artwork on our single cover). The rock songs underscoring the battle sequences in Iron Man led me to pick up my guitar and write the opening riff.

The song was written nearly a decade ago but it didn’t have anywhere near the raw power it has now. Although the lyrics themselves remain unchanged, the punchy riffs and musical structure have been greatly improved by the new members of this band.

Dirty Mitts-a four-piece band made up of Tommy (singer), Matt (bass player), Mo (guitarist) andMateusz (drums)-is an eclectic group of musicians from the UK, Poland, and Egypt. They cametogether in 2022, bonded by a shared passion for loud rock’n’roll.

Their sound is a combination ofbluesy, vintage and energetic tunes that are sure to have listeners on their feet.With thumping energy, crashing drums and raucous vocals, Dirty Mitts have a decisively powerfuland high-octane output. The band membershave decades of experience between them, with fateleading them together to form the greatest rock band you haven’t heard of yet


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