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Decades Of Delusion Releases New Single "Grim Parade" From Debut Album "Hushed Dissent"

Decades Of Delusion, the band formed in 2019 by ex-members of the British punk group The Violators, proudly announces the release of their powerful new single, "Grim Parade." This track is a poignant commentary on the UK government's mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic and is featured on their debut album, Hushed Dissent, which was released last month.

Decades Of Delusion has built a reputation for their aggressive pop-punk sound and provocative lyrics that tackle political, environmental, and social issues. Hushed Dissent, recorded between 2022 and 2023, features re-recorded versions of fan favorites such as "Preacher," "Hate Song," "Death Or Glory," and "Slave." The album continues the band’s tradition of delivering impactful and thought-provoking music.

Tragically, the band suffered a great loss earlier this year when their vocalist and founding member, Jori Lakars, was killed in a car accident in February. Her passionate voice and powerful lyrics were instrumental to the band’s sound and message. The release of "Grim Parade" is dedicated to her memory, and the band is committed to honoring her legacy by ensuring her music reaches as many ears as possible.

About Decades Of Delusion: Decades Of Delusion burst onto the scene with their 2019 EP Get Me A Pulpit, quickly gaining a following for their raw energy and fearless lyrics. Their appearance at the Punk On The Peninsula festival in 2022 solidified their place in the punk rock landscape. With Hushed Dissent, the band continues to push boundaries and provoke thought, using their platform to speak out on pressing political and social issues.


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