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Deadly Shadows is back, bringing the good old Heavy Metal!

In 2022, archaeological excavations in the city of Caxias do Sul/RS/Brazil, revealed fossils of a band that made history in the early 90's. By regrouping the traces found, the members of the original line-up of “Deadly Shadows” decided to resume activities, keep the old name and make echo the good old Heavy Metal of past ages.

The band, formed in 1988, recorded several demo tapes at the time, in addition to compilations on vinyl and CD. And after several shows on Brazilian soil, in 1997, the young members decided to stop to continue their studies and professional careers in other segments. However, the passion for Metal never left them, returning now with full energy.

To return to work, it has just released, 4 new singles (“The Tree of Sin”, “The Brain Spy”, “A Face in the Crowd” and “Drifting Mind”), which will be part of an album, which will be recorded in celebration of the band's 35th anniversary. The members of Deadly Shadows are: Tony Devil on vocals, Maurício Grezzana and Júlio Machado on guitars, DaviFrezza on bass, and Daniel Balconi on drums.


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