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Colombian artist Swami Castro release new single "Mi Persona Ideal"

Swami Castro, the talented Colombian artist, closes his first musical cycle in his solo career with the release of "Mi Persona Ideal", his fourth single of 2023. This year has marked the beginning of a new stage for the musician born in 1990 in Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia. Currently, 32 years old and living in New York City, Swami Castro has left its mark on the local scene this 2023, standing out in emblematic places such as "Terrace 7" in Queens and "The Meadows" in Brooklyn.

In "Mi Persona Ideal", Swami Castro presents us with a rock ballad that transcends time and space, carrying with it the pure essence of gratitude, love and personal fulfillment. The song, born from the depths of his heart, tells the story of finding that special someone that transforms every moment into an adventure full of meaning.


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