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Canadian artist NOTSM releases new single "The Hedonic Treadmill"

Canadian artist NOTSM has released his new single, "The Hedonic Treadmill". Known for being an instrumental artist, "The Hedonic Treadmill" is NOTSM's first song that includes vocals.

Here's what NOTSM had to say about his new song:

"It's been a while since I've recorded new music, so I'm really excited to announce the release of my new single, "The Hedonic Treadmill." This song is very special to me; particularly the lyrics. In a world that's become obsessed with being as busy as possible, I feel like a lot of people are suffering from burnout these days. I'm hoping that people listen to this song and it inspires them to take a step back and focus on the things that really matter to them in their lives."

Formed in 2014 after the disbandment of Argus Panoptes, NOTSM is the solo music project of Matt Barkley (ex-Sympozium, ex-Syncytia).

Here's what Matt had to say about NOTSM:

"Most of the music I write is metal, but I also like to dabble in other genres from time to time. I really love writing music, and I don't feel the need to limit myself to one genre or another. With that said, metal music has been my passion since I was a kid and will always be my primary focus as a songwriter."

NOTSM plans to release an EP of new metal music in 2023.


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