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Canadian Alternative Heavy Rock Duo Cycle/End Release New Single "Broken Mirror"

Cycle/End, the heavy rock/alternative duo ensemble hailing just outside Montreal, Quebec, is set to captivate audiences once again with their latest single, "Broken Mirror". This release marks a significant milestone in the band's journey, showcasing their evolution and musical prowess.

Founded by Jeremie, who relocated to Montreal to pursue his musical and artistic aspirations, Cycle/End has emerged as a powerhouse in the local music scene. Jeremie, originally known for his roles as a stage tech and bassist, has expanded his repertoire to include guitar and vocals within the band. This expansion has allowed him to fully express his creative vision and push the boundaries of the group's sound.

One of the defining features of Cycle/End's latest work is the collaboration with the multifaceted artist, Rébecca Bucci. Known for her versatility as a comedian, impersonator, and singer/songwriter, Bucci adds a unique dimension to Cycle/End's music. Together, Jeremie and Bucci create a compelling auditory experience, weaving non-traditional harmonies that intensify the emotional impact of their compositions, particularly evident in the bridges and builds leading into choruses.

Drawing from diverse influences ranging from post-hardcore and punk-rock to ambient indie and folk & blues, Cycle/End's music resonates with a broad audience. "Broken Mirror," in particular, pays homage to bands like Thrice, Smashing Pumpkins, Silversun Pickups, Foo Fighters, and Stone Sour, showcasing a rich tapestry of inspirations woven into a cohesive and distinctive sound.

"Broken Mirror" delves into themes of freedom, inspired by the introspective moments during the pandemic lockdown. Reflecting on the blurred lines between captivity and freedom, the song captures the essence of a collective introspection experienced during uncertain times. As the world emerges from confinement, the question of what constitutes true freedom remains as relevant as ever.

Since spring 2023, Cycle/End has released five singles, each contributing to their growing reputation for innovative and soul-stirring music. Looking ahead, fans can anticipate a 4-track EP slated for release in fall 2024, promising even more depth and creativity from this promising ensemble.


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