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Camilo EG Releases New Single “Triunfo”

Camilo EG released his second Spanish-language single, “Triunfo”, on Friday, October

21st, 2022. The song will continue the artist’s foray into the Latin music market, which

he initiated with the release of his Jesse & Joy cover, “Espacio Sideral”, earlier this year.

“Triunfo” was written by Camilo EG in celebration of creativity and the human imagination. Its composition was fueled by the pandemic’s limit on physical travel, and how individuals have had to increasingly rely on the power of imagination to stimulate the mind.

The song was recorded in San Diego, California and produced by Kris Towne of Capricorn Studios. It features veteran musicians such as Gregg Montante on the electric guitar, Damon De La Paz on drums, and Kris Towne on bass.

“My latest EP, Spark and Gasoline, covers the emotions and experiences that I went

through after returning to San Diego from a multi-month long Latin America trip in

mid-2019 up to the first few days of quarantine in 2020. A spark is a momentary

element that, once fused with fuel, causes a bright, beautiful, and sometimes deadly

chain-reaction. As fast as it comes to fruition, it also fades into memory—something

which, to me, represents our very existence.” -Camilo.

Born in Colombia and raised in Texas, Camilo EG explores themes of adventure, love,

loss, and the human spirit as he blends elements of Heartland Rock, Folk, and Pop into

a contemporary sound. He does this by exploring the “power of song” through evolving

narratives that bring about burgeoning sonic landscapes.

Camilo EG’s newest single release coincides with the premiere of a new video made by

San Diego director, Eh Ler Tha. With over half a million YouTube views to date, his

channel has grown a significant international audience that includes the United States,

Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia.

Camilo EG’s music can be streamed through Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube,

and as well as a whole slew of other prominent music outlets. For more information,

please visit or



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