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California Condor drops new music video "The Band"

California Condor from Estonia will be presented on 19-23 October at WOMEX in Lisbon, Portugal and preparing for the 2023 Europe tour. Currently the band has initiated a 20 day countdown timer on their website for their next music video releases. Something to look forward to , so keep an eye on this very special group of artists folks and stay tuned.

California Condor , originates from small small Estonia as an "All Time Touring Band" Forged in the light of 2021 with a collection of underground "revelation horsemen" who make 2 styles of music. 1st style is Post Grunge & Alternative metal.(Old School) and 2nd style Hop-Hip with a dash of Metal(XIII).

They will be presented at the Worldwide Music Expo in Lisbon from 19-23 October.The start is fresh but the future looks bright ! Their unique brand of entertainment fuses the variability of melody with heavy chorus riffs and combining variable melodies to a perfect balance in a post apocalyptic world where the surprising set changes will make you want to open yourselves for a different view of life.

California Condor is a "crusade" to make music with less nonsense and more point to it. Keeping away from the mainstream regulations of Today from modern pop/hip-hop calamity constructions that is being shoved down for people to "enjoy". Music industry in the last years has changed in many ways and California Condor is a different kind of light lurking between the shadows of a "mainstream" culture , casting a bit of sense in this nonsense we live in to anyone who's willing to lend an ear.


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