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Bret Nybo release new EP “Horsin’ Around”, album features five tracks and three music videos

Bret’s new EP “Horsin’ Around” is out now and features five new tracks all in ballad forms and three new videos. It also features guest artist, “MIK’s Reaction.” Bret considers it his best work yet.

“I wanted to tell a story with each track,” Bret Mentions. “It is meant to be a fun, upbeat album with a variety of stories and sounds.”

The third track on the album, “Midlife Crisis” features guest artist, “MIK’s Reaction.” Turns out Both Bret and Mik are the same age. Bret lives in the USA, and Mik is from Australia. It is no secret that Bret enjoys collaboration, “Horsin’ Around” being no exception to that premise.

“The title track, ‘Horsin’ Around’ is over seven minutes,” said Bret. “That is because I happen to curate three playlists on Spotify. One of those lists, ‘Lucky 7 Minutes Plus’ includes the rule that songs need to be seven minutes or longer in order to be part of it. As a result, I have a goal that each of my projects include at least one 7-minute track so I can include it on that playlist.”

Bret is also dropping three music videos with this release, “Bounce”, “Johnny’s Comin’ Home” and “Midlife Crisis.” Bret is confident that “Horsin’ Around” will be a big hit among his fans. “This is my best work yet,” he commented. Bret currently has other projects in the works right now as well. More to come.

Bret Nybo is an artist officially entering the music scene in 2021. Bret has always enjoyed writing and producing music. One other unique quality he possesses is his enjoyment of old time radio. As a result, Bret transcends his musical journey by creating not just an album but an adventurous story about life as well.

Bret Nybo is a music writer / producer with a passion for both experimental and classic rock. Like many his age, Bret grew up with a love for music produced in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

"Bounce" music video:


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