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Brazilian hard rock band Connecting Pieces release new EP "Reconnecting"

CONNECTING PIECES is a Brazilian hard rock band that was formed by Paulo Faroni

(guitar) and Vinnie Kuhlmann (drums) in 2019. As former members of several bands of the Rock and Metal scene of the late 90s and early 2000s, such as Delpht and Tiger Cult, the two allied their musical experience to the talent of Fernando Campos (vocal) and Vinicius Crespo (bass) to make a heavy, melodic, technical, and modern sound, with powerful riffs and striking choruses.

"A TALE OF STEAM AND LIGHT," the band's first work, was released in 2022, and the

video clip for the song SHINE TO ME AGAIN has reached over 23,000 views on YouTube.

The band went through a change in its lineup and now has Carlos Alfano on guitar and

Thiago Cicilini on vocals, both extremely experienced musicians with an incredible musical background.

The new lineup released in June 2023 the RECONNECTING EP, featuring the new lineup

with two re-recordings and four covers that clearly show how dynamic and creative the band is.


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