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Brazilian Groove Metal band Alekto shares new single "When the chips go down"

Alekto is a Brazilian Groove Metal band that settled in Lisbon. With their first album "The

Unpleasant Reality", the band became one of the great revelations of the Brazilian metal scene and toured throughout Brazil and Europe.

In 2020, the band released four singles and, with the success of these songs, released their

second album "Abstract Evil", playing in festivals like Vagos Metal Fest, alongside famous bands like Dimmu Borgir, Testament, Exodus and Emperor.

This second album kept the aggressiveness and navigated through the dark theme of the

human mind, explored in each track, specially "Another Freak in a Cage", which counted with the participation of hundreds of the band's fans, who sent their voices to the chorus of the song.

The album further elevated the band's status and resulted in memorable performances in

Spain and Portugal, such as at the Vagos Metal Fest, consolidating Alekto as one of the

highlights of the current metal scene.

A mixture of several elements make up this groove metal with its own identity. Weight and

aggression, direct and straight, for those who enjoy a beating in the form of music. The band's proposal is to deliver an honest and straightforward sound.

Hit Alekto’s social handles and official page and start the journey that will take you in a deep dive into the dark corners of the human mind, coated with the known aggressive identity of the group.


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