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Brazilian band Jupta releases double single “Ultravioleta / Espiral”

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to changes and time. This is the message that Jupta leaves with her new double single, “Ultravioleta / Espiral”, released on Wednesday (5). The songs arrive accompanied by a long-lasting music video that shows the band on a journey through the minds of its members.

The indie rock of the band from Jundiaí Brazil takes shape in “Ultravioleta / Espiral”, reinforcing the its sound already known by the public and indicating the paths of the next releases - a third album is in production. While “Ultraviolet” talks about overcoming challenges through connecting with another person or entity, “Espiral” reinforces that time is the key to this process.

The stories end a cycle that began last year with “Não Somos Estranhos”, where the band sings about the strength of strangeness and vulnerability. The interplanetary journey seen in the music video for “Não Somos Estranhos” unfolds into a multicolored and retrofuturistic universe that borders on surrealism in “Ultraviolet / Spiral”, between scenarios created by Artificial Intelligence and real scenes from the band. The production was made possible with resources from the Paulo Gustavo Law in Jundiaí, Jupta’s city of origin.


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