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Bloodrunner release new single and music video “Wasting Away”

The band comes back with a roaring new single after a long search for the right musicians

Bloodrunner has just released their latest single "Wasting Away". The track was released independently and was recorded at The Nook Recording studio with producer/sound engineer Nick Nativo. The song comes with a powerful gale of guitars, drums and vocals with lyrics of popular topics from today such as hate, loneliness, and suffering.

It's been a few years since the frontman has been able to release new music but, after

years of hiatus from the Bloodrunner name, and a long search, he finally found the right group of musicians to put this song together for the world to hear. The song is an early glimpse of the EP that’s being scheduled for a 2023 release, with plans to go on tour as soon as possible.

Bloodrunner’s music can be heard on all popular streaming services, with music videos

on YouTube. You can find the band on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with them. Their Instagram is growing daily with lots of pictures of them doing what they do best.


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