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Belgian post-hardcore revelation LETHVM to release new single "Night"

The band's forthcoming third studio album "Winterreise", is set to be released this April 7th on Dunk! Records and Silenceless Records

Belgium-based post-hardcore and post-metal goldsmiths LETHVM unleash a devastating

first single taken from their forthcoming third studio album "Winterreise", to be released this

April 7th on Dunk! Records and Silenceless Records. Let yourself be lulled by the dark

softness of "Night"now!

Formed in Belgium in 2015, LETHVM evolves in heavy and torn atmospheres, between

devastation and candor. The Belgian foursome crafts a cathartic and tempestuous blend of post-hardcore, post-metal and post-black metal that overflows with emotion while slowly but steadily crushing the listener's skull and bones. Drawing inspiration from the darkness of life, they inject a sheer dose of beauty, rage and melancholy into their sound, for an overall immersive and spine-shivering experience.

About new single "Night", LETHVM comments: "It took us a few years to finalize this song, which represents the history of the band. Lyrically, this track is the most personal and introspective. Through this song, we hope to share the same emotion and weight that we felt while writing it."

With their third album "Winterreise", LETHVM explores even more intensely the three emotions they've been conveying through their music since their beginnings: anger, melancholia and loneliness. They articulate those feelings through a series of poems from the XIXth century written by Willhelm Müller and already set to music by Franz Schubert in 1827 in the "Winter Journey" song cycle. Müller's poems have been a great source of inspiration during the songwriting, while the lyrics express a desire to travel mixed with a feeling of inertia. Every note and silence of the album inevitably carries the musicians and listeners into the roughness of winter.

"Winterreise" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Tim De Gieter (Amenra, Brutus, The K.)

at Much Luv Studio in Lembeke, Belgium. It will be released on April 7th, 2023 on vinyl

through Dunk! Records and cassette tape through Silenceless Records.


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