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[ B O L T ] releases new single and music video "[ 3 2 ] / What We Leave Behind"

A dull wavering, a nervous rustling. There is tension in the air. Like a thunderstorm that approaches threateningly from a distance, only to slowly disappear again and finally return with even greater force. After several minutes the calm finally returns. [ B O L T ] take their time, play a wicked game with patience. They call it Black Drone Metal, but it is also so much more.

No vocals, no chorus, no melody - [ B O L T ] consistently reject any expectations of pop music. Thomas (bass), Andreas (bass) and Dennis (drums) don't want hits: their music is dark meditation. It's about filling a white canvas with black paint. In short: audio art. Their setup: Two bass guitars, two boards with effects pedals - reverb, distortion, echo - and a drum kit.

[ B O L T ] were founded in Bochum, Germany, originally as a two-man project by Thomas and Andreas over ten years ago. Now based in Duisburg, Germany, the band has grown to become a trio. After the departure of the first drummer Maik (ex-Kodiak, ex-Wall), Dennis Strillinger (drummer with Magma Waves) is now a permanent member of [ B O L T ].

His playing oscillates between jazz, blast beats and hypnotic percussion, but always acts as a rhythmic anchor in a sea of raging sound waves. In more than 10 years of band history, [ B O L T ] have not only released studio albums on vinyl and played concerts internationally.

Time and again, they also seek inspiration from other musicians and artists. In addition to various split tapes, collaborations and remix albums, they produced an obnoxiously intense art film and realized a project as N + [ B O L T ], where 15 amps are controlled/played circularly.


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