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Austrian post-hardcore band Anchorage release new single and video "Ties"

Rarely has the Austrian music market seen a young band so full of verve: Shortly after forming, the quartet from Vienna made it to the Nova Rock Festival. Their debut EP in 2019, which was awarded 9 out of 10 points by SLAM magazine and commented on by Stormbringer as "post-hardcore at its finest", was followed by ANCHORFEST, which was founded and organized by the band themselves, at the sold-out Arena Wien. Impericon had already listed the band among its top 25 up-and-coming bands in Europe, and things could have continued in this vein had it not been for the now much- lamented pandemic-related forced break.

After a line-up change on the microphone and with new partners at their side, ANCHORAGE are now starting the new year with big goals. "Ties" is the first new single in quite some time and also the first to be released via new distribution partner Bloodblast Distribution/believe. ANCHORAGE can do heavy - and they can do hooks. With "Ties", they prove both with their melodic post-hardcore on an even higher level.

"Ties" celebrates the timeless beauty of close and long-lasting friendships. The emotional anthem tells of going through ups and downs together and of the adventures and challenges that have been overcome together. It is often the valleys from which you have helped each other out that make the bond of friendship even stronger and strengthen a togetherness that can accompany you throughout your life.

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