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Australian hard-rockers Scandal Tree Releases New EP "Layin' Down Your Cards"

Australian hard-rockers Scandal Tree are proud to present their debut EP Layin' Down Your Cards; an EP borne of modern chances, past choices and chuggin’ rock’n’roll.

With songs relating to the challenges people face in their everyday lives, Layin' Down Your Cards is founded in the day to day. After the departure of their fellow music collaborators and good friends, Jase and Adam, the remaining members of Scandal Tree asked

themselves at times whether it was time to fold or lay down their cards and reveal their true standing. Speaking to the evolution, founding member Rip says “We felt that Scandal Tree was more than just the sum of its parts, but a more encompassing vision.

There was something more there musically that we (Rip and Flaky) wanted to explore. A

creative potential still yet to be untapped and unleashed upon the world.” So with a good dose of luck after hitting the socials looking for new members they soon discovered a new trio with Matty, our new frontman, Joe on bass and Wayne filling out the second guitar spot expanding the line up to 5 members.

Releasing their hard rock single Nothin' To Lose earlier this year, Kris Peters, of HEAVY Mag celebrated it as “Good old school rock” and Melanie Griffiths, of AMNplify stating “This isn’t rock music for the faint-hearted, so if you like your music to be loud and brash, then let me introduce you to the newest addition to your ‘on repeat’ playlist'.

The EP is an onslaught of high-energy riffage, from the classic rock of Nothin’ To Lose through to the next single, One Way Road; it hints of Californian hardcore with razor guitars and matter-of-factly focuses on the persistence needed to succeed. From there, numbers like Long Goodbye continue the breadth of rock with its post-grunge flair, addressing the slow decay of a relationship and knowing a tough choice is ahead.

Layin' Down Your Cards is full of stories that are at odds with expectations, navigating life

at full throttle. With this in mind, Scandal Tree are keenly aware of the need to create

positive opportunities and have organised the Bring The Light event to help raise awareness and funds for DV, sponsored by Young Henry’s Brewing Co. it’s booked for

Saturday 26/11 at The Backroom at the Chardon's Corner, Annerley.

Listen Here:


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