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American punk rock band Calling Hours announces EU tour dates with Be Well

East Coast Punk Rock Band Calling Hours (Feat members of Farside and Don't Sleep) announced some EU tour dates with melodic hardcore band Be Well. The band shared 4 dates in Germany.

Calling Hours release on 2023 the album "Say Less" , the debut showcase from the east coast punk/rock band featuring veteran vocalist Popeye Vogelsang ( Farside ) and members of Don’t Sleep . An outcome of various col laborations, Say Less revisits the band members’ melodic punk sensibilities while working in a decidedly contemporary direction.

Produced by the legendary Brian McTernan (Turnstile, Hot Water Music, Thrice), Say Less is also a deep dive into the feelings of displacement and discomfort that punctuated Popeye’s move from California to Pennsylvania a few years back — a meditation on th e intersection of sense of place and sense of self.

The album is a reflection of Popeye’s own journey, a tale of leaving behind a solitary life in L.A. for a new chapter with newfound connections in Scranton. It’s a narrative woven with the threads of personal transformation, as Popeye navigates the complexities of life changes and their creative repercussions.

Be Well is high-energy, melodic hardcore that is infused with emotion and lyrical depth. Frontman and Producer Brian McTernan (Turnstile, Thrice, Hot Water Music) finds emotional catharsis through examination of childhood trauma, depression, and fatherhood while still providing a hopeful light. The members have spent their lives playing in Bane, Battery, Fairweather, and Darkest Hour.


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