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American Deathmetal band Protrusion shares new Demo with 3 tracks

Protrusion are a 4-piece American Deathmetal band from Lafayette, IN, USA featuring past members of various brutaldeath metal acts such as Gorgasm,Human Filleted, Sarcophagy and FoundHanging.

The band formed in 2022 froma collection of grave digging maniacswho met in the small incestuousLafayette metal scene and who all justcouldn't get enough from 90's Gorguts, Barnes era Cannibal Corpse, and otherMorrisound produced classics.

Their grue some brand of graveyard-esquemid tempo dirges fuse razor tight guitarriffing, hammering double bass drumbeats and reverberated guttural vocalswith death-grippingly methodical songwriting and relentless headbanginducing rhythms that will make you want to crawl slowly into your owngrave and be gradually rottedaway bythe obscurity of time.

Now hailed as oneof the most authentic and 90's soundaccurate old school death metalrevivalist bands by fans, Protrusion hasimmediately blown unsuspectinglisteners away with their rancid brand ofsickening old-school grooves and nowhave fans begging for more


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