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Amerakin Overdose drops new single and video "Neurostatic"

"'Neurostatic' is the second video and single in a forthcoming concept album by Amerakin Overdose. The song is the continuation of a story where 'Agastopia' left off. 'Neurostatic' delves into the source of our scary heroes and enlightens the viewer as to what is behind the curtain, screen or mental veil. 'Agastopia' and 'Neurostatic' are the first installments in a trilogy of videos that introduce the concepts that will be delivered in Amerakin Overdose's third album and first concept album to date.

In 'Neurostatic,' modern society has withdrawn into oppressive self doubt, isolation and compulsive behavior using virtual reality and social media to create simulated existence and develop relationships to both real and unreal avatars through media and technology. Seeking solace in the fantastic control elements of future tech as well as simulations within simulations on a quest for connections, interaction and satisfaction." - Cody Perez

About Amerakin Overdose:

Amerakin Overdose is a high energy Industrial Metal act from Portland, Oregon, established in 2010 by Cody Perez. Over the last decade they have released two full length albums (self titled in 2012 and The Great Amerakin Dream in 2016). Amerakin Overdose has toured the United States on a number of occasions, as well as opening for hundreds of touring nationals in the Pacific Northwest. National acts include Korn, Godsmack, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Chevelle, All That Remains, Static X, Powerman 5000, and many more.

After a short hiatus, Amerakin Overdose returned in 2022 with the 2015 line up featuring Cody Perez on lead vocals, Pito Perez on backing vocals, Brick on drums, Starbie 66 on bass and Bishop Freeman Manfree on guitar. The band released a new single and music video for “Agastopia”.

In the Spring of 2023, Amerakin Overdose started playing shows again regionally in the Pacific Northwest. With plans to continue to release new singles/videos throughout the year, the band plans to release a full length album in the first quarter of 2024.


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