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Alternative rock band Melodraw release new album "Erratic Wave"

The line that we call life or the form of life is not defined, no matter how hard we try, in any way. The best we can do is, and always in a broad sense, try to accept what it gives us. Deep down, this erratic wave carries within it the mystery of the indeterminate and leaves us adrift from its force and tide.

Erratic Wave is Melodraw's second album and was made in the spirit of this indeterminacy that is life, without plans or predispositions. It addresses themes as diverse as PJ Harvey's relationship with Nick Cave, social alienation and human relationships.

It's an album made for lovers of alternative music, from fans of the Seattle sound of the 90s, to those who spend the day humming that song that stuck in their ears, containing influences ranging from the powerful rock of Nirvana, Pixies and Foo Fighters to the more progressive and cerebral sound of Pink Floyd and Yes. Electric guitars with distortion are one of the main ex-libris, as are the keys and synthesizers sounding like the 70's.

Not neglecting the intensity of the drums that energetically guide the entire sound of the album, the acoustic guitars and more ethereal soundscapes stand out, underlining the fragility and stillness that also hover in the words of the more serene themes.

Erratic Wave has already had advance singles “Into The Sky” (2022), “Air Born” (March/2023) and now has “Messy Attic”. Recorded and produced by Miguel Simões and mixed and mastered by Francisco Santos, it was released on October 24th.


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