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Alternative metal band It's All Red releases new EP "Colorado"

The band It’s All Red has just released their new EP Colorado, which to make history contains an unpublished version of the “Hino do Internacional”. Consisting of two tracks, the The idea was also to re-release the authorial song “All Is Full Of Red“, with the latest members. The quintet is formed by Tom Zynski (voice), Daniel Nodari (guitar), Rafael Siqueira (guitar), Carlos Loureiro (bass) and Renato Siqueira (drums).

The cover of the EP was created by visual artist and tattoo artist Daniel Toledo, marking the debut of the group's new ideogram for the releases to come. for the twins band founders, Rafael and Renato Siqueira – who in 2022 received the invitation to record two episodes in the documentary “Histórias de Arquibancada” (available for club members), the decision to record the anthem of one of the most important teams in the Brasil emerged after an invitation from the team's own marketing department. O new material also motivated a new recording of "All Is Full Of Red", a song that already talked about Internacional and had been originally released in 2010, year that marked the club's second championship in the Copa Libertadores de América.

As for the other members of the group, who are also passionate about football, being the first alternative metal band to officially record the anthem of a team from Rio Grande do South is being able to be intensely more present in the daily life of the fans. And of course, if closer and closer to the gauchos spread around the world. Remembering that the “Hymn do Internacional” was the only work by the band from Porto Alegre performed and recorded in full in Portuguese.

More about IAR: throughout its 15 years the group has performed many concerts and recordings alongside renowned rock and metal artists. He has also shared stages with bands like Megadeth, Cavalera Conspiracy, Paul Di'Anno, Raimundos and Ratos de Porão, in addition to festivals in Brazil and Argentina. Since 2007, the group has launched the albums Vicious Words From The Heart (2007), The Natural Process Of... (2010), Lead By The Blind (2015) and the EPs Citysick (2012) and All Of The Colors (2019). Recently, the quintet released three singles: Gemstone (2020), a new version of the song Poisonous (2021) with the participation of former members and Touch The Ground (2021), this the latter also released as a live single captured at Bar Opinião in 2022.


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