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Alt-rock power trio, Imperial Pilots return with heavy new single, 'Come On'

Recorded at PSP studios, “Come on” is a loud sarcasm to satirize the cliché of unsuccessful family relationships linked to punk rock rhythm and heavy melody. The composition of the melody by bassist Pedro Roquini and lyrics by Joey Manzano.

“I really tried to bring a more distorted line, less responsible and different from the textures we had been using for a long time. “Come On” was an opportunity to transport us back to that feeling of “doing it for the spirit”... It reminded us why we make music and not disposable plastic”, says bassist Pedro Roquini.

The band also has producer Paulo Pollon on drumsticks, finishing off a raw, heavy and straight-to-the-point sound, returning to the band's roots. The art made in partnership between the band and Art Director Rafael Oltremari, was inspired by the concept of the film Sin City, in Black Brush Stroke.


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