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Action rock band, Insanidade, releases new music video for "Burn Burn Burn"

The band has released two albums Hello Suckers (2020) and High Speed (2021)

The band Insanidade has just announced the release of the music video for "Burn Burn Burn" on their youtube channel. The track is taken from their latest release, the live show recorded at ELive studio which gave rise to a live album. The material was recorded at the Rocklab studio in Anápolis, the band presents a repertoire of the released albums (Hello Suckers (2020) and High Speed (2021).

"The clip was taken from our album LIVE, which was recorded at ELive studio in Anápolis/Go. All the animation was done in Campinas/SP by Daniel E.T.E from ChopSuey Animaciones. E.T.E had already made two other clips of ours, Gasolina and Go Pedro. It's always very nice to work with E.T.E, because he understands perfectly what we want and he has an aesthetic that is just like us, those B-side animations from the 90's and 80's, very striking and colorful. The idea was to play with us playing live, along with monsters, animation, explosions in the style of the heyday of MTV." says Lucas Tamandaré (vocalist). "High Speed" consists of 12 songs and was produced by Brazilian producer Gustavo Vázquez from RockLab studio, and shows all the maturity of the band, with a more cohesive, intense and energetic sound with influences from Hellacopters, Turbonegro, Scumbag Millionaire. The band rescues all the essence of Rock n Roll with a modern touch along with the roots of punk rock.

Burn Burn Burn:


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