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Aaron Cravens shares "Escape Route", track is a instrumental Hard Rock with high energy and emotion

Escape Route by Aaron Cravens. Instrumental Hard Rock with high energy and emotion. The track is a concept about losing a loved one and the stages of grief an individual goes through during this process. An official music video has been released for the track as well as a full length album which features the track. The artist is currently in the process of building up his music career with potential touring opportunities ahead with his live band.

Aaron found his passion for music at age 7 and started playing guitar at 13. He was involved in many local area bands throughout the next 8 years playing the tri-state region. While Aaron was writing, performing and building his guitar skills, he started audio engineering at age 16 and is currently producing and engineering all of his own material to date. After playing in many local acts, Aaron decided to break off and work on his own material. Aaron started writing his debut solo album “Regenerate” in May 2019 – a concept album about finding his way back to personal and professional growth as a musician. During this time, he also honed in on his skillset and direction as a guitarist. The album was released in May 2022 and featured Whitesnake/Trans Siberian Orchestra guitarist, Joel Hoekstra. Aaron's musical style is described as technical, melodic, powerful and uplifting. You can listen to Aaron Cravens' songs on all online streaming platforms.


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